2. happiness

I haven’t really fully enjoyed my semestral break since i spent the whole week (which is last week) waiting for my grades to come out. Well I don’t have any problems or difficulties with my minor subjects however opposite to that my grade in my major is kind of in a critical situation. I passed Calculus with Analytical Geometry II so that’s a relief. But the whole week was spent waiting for my grade in Analytical Chemistry 1 subject to come out. This is my super major subject because i took up Chemistry as a course (yep).  And I should pass this no matter what. It is a really hard subject though. I guess harder than General Chemistry if you compare the two. I went to my university last Monday to look at my grades especially on my major subjects and what a relief I passed!~ Although I’m a bit sad because I kind of slacked off last semester. Well, how will you be motivated if the professor herself doesn’t come to class regularly sigh. But I don’t want to blame the professor, it’s my job to study so I should have done a splendid job but I haven’t because of laziness. So I promise that I’ll be more focused this second semester especially that i have two chemistry to take up already. One is Analytical Chemistry 2 and the other is Organic Chemistry 1. We have like 2 laboratory class per week (ana chem and org chem) and lab classes can be pretty tiring. Anyway, I have to have good grades on this because I cannot afford to fail any of these two otherwise, my dad will be mad plus my years in the university will be added one year so it’s a no no. I have to graduate on my 4th year especially that i still have to take up medicine. There’s a long road a head for me. 加油加油 to me~ 💟💟💟

1. midnight thoughts

Currently I am watching the drama adaptation of author Ding Mo’s novel named “When He Comes, Close Your Eyes” which has the drama name of “Love Me If You Dare.” Alongside with the watching, I am reading the novel. What I feel so happy about it is that I really like both the drama and the novel. Though there may be some scenes which are actually either removed or arranged into a  distinct plot with slight difference, it’s still so good. The actors that portrayed the role where very fit to the said role. Every detail included in the novel relating to the character was well given by the actors to the viewers. Honestly, i came across the drama while watching some trailers in youtube. Since I wanted to watch a lot of c-dramas, i searched it up. Though, I’m very picky about the plot and character portrayal as well as the date the drama was aired.I like it more recent when it comes to films and dramas. Love Me If You Dare came up to the list with high approval rating from the viewers. So, I watched the trailer and as soon as I found out that its genre includes psychological, thriller and suspense, I just had to watch this. These kind of genres are what I usually want to watch so it gives me impressions that the plot will be as interestinand as good as I expect and so far it is. The teasers were really convinving. It’s obvious that the plot tackles the truth, the reality about what’s going on in our society. Love Me If You Dare talks about a criminal psychologist, Bo Jinyan who specializes in hunting down serial killers. With the aide of his assistant, Jian Yao, these two, although personality differs, complements each other very well. That’s why these two makes a great team up. Ever since I was a child, I always liked to watch this kind of genre with thr detective feels lol. And to be honest, I am interested in Psychology. I already told my parents about that before I entered university. However, my parents especially my father wishes that I go to his alma mater to study. As I said, I would like to take up psychology as my pre-med course but that didn’t happen. I am currently taking chemistry as my major and it’s super hard (sigh). Anyway, because I’m so interested in things related to psychology, this kind of drama or novel boosts my mood so much. And now I wondered, what if I had taken up psychology then I would’ve been in the same field as Bo Jinyan. That’d be cooler, I think. I can’t help but imagine me working in this field. I think, it would be really an interesting job.